Gracefulandco - S925 Sterling Silver

Sterling Silver S925

  • Sterling silver aka fine 925 silver is 92.5% pure silver and 7.5% alloy metals.
  • Our sterling silver is polished and dipped in Rhodium to provide additional durability and shininess. 
  • Sterling silver is nickel free and hypoallergenic. This material is a favorite for wearers who have sensitive ears and skin.
  • Most high quality silver items are stamped with a "S925" or "925" mark. This mark designates the precious metal content of the jewelry.
  • Gracefulandco specializes in S925 sterling silver. Our earrings, including earring post is made of sterling silver, unless otherwise stated.


Gracefulandco - Sterling Silver Gold Plated

Sterling Silver Gold Plated

  • Not to be confused with regular gold plating, our sterling silver gold plated is a fine layer of gold over sterling silver, 14k or 18k gold plated.
  • The thickness of the gold must be a minimum of 2.5 microns and further e-coated for extra shine and durability.
  • With quality solid sterling silver as its base, it is safe for wearers who have sensitive ears and skin.
  • Our sterling silver gold plated is far more durable than other brass-plated options and can last for over years when properly stored and airtight.
  • Sterling silver gold plated makes it easy to keep with the latest fashion without breaking the bank. Bringing you the best in affordable luxury.


Care Tips ;)

  • As of all graceful jewelry, they need love and care to maintain its beauty for a long time.
  • We recommend to remove before showering, swimming and exercising to minimize contact with moisture and chemicals.
  • Do not spray perfume on them. If you use perfume on a regular basis, spray it on your body before you put on them.
  • Gently clean them with a dry, soft cloth from time to time.
  • When not in use, keep them airtight in the small plastic bag provided.